Ronata’s Pumpkin Hot Sauce

24 Apr


2 C. pumkin puree (I’ve only ever used this is a seasonal hot sauce. Cut in half,clean and roast)
1TBS. Garlic
4 Habanero’s
1/4C. Lime juice
1TBS.Brown sugar
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of black pepper
1/3C. Cider Vinegar

Roast the pumpkin cut side down on a cookie sheet with the bottom just covered in water. You can also roast the garlic and Habaneros if you want more of a robust flavor.
After the pumpkin is done cooking about 45 minutes depending on the size. Scoop out meat and add to a food processor.
Add the res of the ingredients to the food processor and process till smooth. Bottle and refrigerate.
I’ve made this for years and it never goes bad. I still have some in the fridge from two years ago. The longer the sauce sits the better the flavor becomes.


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