DIY Monster Birthday Party Invitations

27 Apr


First collect all Materials.

1. Construction Paper

2. Scissor

3. Glue

4. Wiggly Eyes

5. Party Invite printed on photo paper and resized.




Start off  by cutting a sheet of paper about 10″  long and 5-6″ in width. or to match any size picture you ended up printing. Fold down to touch ends and make a card shaped paper.

Trim your photo  invitation  if necessary, then glue to the inside bottom of the paper.

Cut some fun teeth shapes out of more paper. I chose white only but you could always mix it up and give them all different  colors to add a POP. Glue the teeth to the underneath of the top part of the invite.

Take a Wiggly eye ball and glue it to the front of the invitations.  Their  you have it your very own monster invites







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