Dehydrating Habaneros And Other Awesome Peppers

7 May


First things first…go get gloves. Ive done this so many times trust me, don’t forget to wear your gloves and Still wash hand and keep away from small children. Habaneros and other hot peppers can seriously burn your skin.

The method i use for drying habanero peppers is to use a dehydrator. A dehydrator encloses the habanero peppers and dries them anywhere from 9-12 hours in low, soft heat. You can find dehydrators in stores or online ranging from $30 – 3,000.

The heat level of chile peppers is measured by a system developed by William Scoville in the early 1900s, and the Habanero tops the scale. Habanero peppers are among the hottest members of the chilli pepper family, typically clocking between 100,000 and 350,000 Scoville units, a widely recognized measure of chilli heat. By comparison, original recipe Tabasco sauce has between 7,000 and 8,000 Scoville units.


There’s some alternatives you can use if you don’t have a dehydrator on hand. You can put them in an oven on low heat 190-200 degrees for about 12 hours give or take.

You could also String them together and hang outside in the sun or a sunny window to dry for a couple days.


For all peppers and dehydrating processes make sure to always clean your peppers.

DEHYDRATING in a Deyhydrator.

1 – Wash the peppers under cold running water, gently brushing away any dirt. Dab the peppers dry with a clean kitchen cloth.

2 – Arrange the peppers on a wire rack so there is space between the fruit for air to circulate. Wait till fully dry from cleaning.

3 – place them on your Dehydrator trays single layers and almost touching. Stack the trays and dehydrate rotating the trays every few hours.

RONATA TIP: Always use your Deyhydrator outdoors when doing hot peppers, it will fill your entire house with what i like to call ” painful eye watering gas”. Holly Molly I won’t make that mistake again.

4 – After the peppers are dry store them in an air tight container. But don’t forget to wear gloves even when doing this step.


FUN FACT: Another use for chile peppers, the experts say, is to detoxify raw oysters. Catsup doesn’t do anything, lemon and horseradish sauce work moderately well, but straight hot sauce from the bottle will kill the bacteria in one minute flat. So if you use mine…your in the clear. If you decide to take a chance on raw oysters, using hot sauce can’t hurt and will probably help.
Habanero madness for resource on scoville units.


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